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Choices in the Afterlife
by Gretchen Vogel

When we die, we retain the same self-awareness, personality, and memories we had when we were alive, such as our sense of humor, knowledge, creativity, and spiritual beliefs. But we also bring with us the core misconceptions we never had a chance to heal in life.

     There is no judgment after death, only possibilities. If we cultivate ignorance in life by destructive acts and thoughts, our choices are limited by our ignorance. If we seek knowledge and strive to be a decent human being in life, we will have more choices available.

      The audiobook of Choices in the Afterlife: What we can do and where we can go after death, is written and read by the author Gretchen Vogel and includes some content not available in the original print book.

     The audio files for Chapter 1-4 are below, my gift to you.


To access Chapter 5-15 0f the audiobook, click on the button below. 


The print version of Choices in the Afterlife is available on our shop page.